Mini games on the gaming PC/Scorpion

The road map has lots of additions planned for the game that will help with down time mid and late game (as it stands now), but I think it would be great to have some mini games available on the Gaming PC and the Scorpion Gaming System to pass the time. Maybe things like:

  • Crazy Taxi (you have the map, addresses, people and cabs already)
  • Whack-A-Rat (it’s New York. Rats are a thing. Make it inside a restaurant or create an alley ‘map’)
  • RC Destroyer Boats (make it in the Park Ponds. Like the side quest in RDR2. Add subs, mines, etc)
  • Pac-Man (on some portion of the game map; apples as power-ups 'cause…The Big Apple)
  • Memory (use Business signs)

Heck, they’re mini games…put 'em on all PCs