Map Expansion - More NYC, Rural / Suburb

This could be implemented much later. But may give a ton more options for players that want to continue expanding their businesses throughout the city and beyond.

  1. MAPA ACTUAL (sin cambios).

  2. Zona residencial del mapa:

    • suburbio / casas con jardĂ­n / etc.
  3. Aeropuerto

  4. Zona de grandes edificios como el “one world trade center”, la estatua de la libertad, etc.

  5. Zona de baja densidad / residencial pero de edificios (no de casas).

6 - 7 - 8 ) Zona rural:

           - rutas / vacaciones / pueblos / gasolineras / etc.

Quitando las zonas 6, 7 y 8, que la expansión sea “mínima” o lo más ajustada posible.
Por ejemplo, la zona 2 podría tener 5 cuadras de ancho (paralelas a la isla principal) pero dos cuadras de profundidad… no se si me explico.

No es algo muy laborioso el concepto que hice (use “Paint” jaja) pero quería dejar otro pequeño granito de arena como idea para contribuir o “mejorar” lo actual. Y como en el trailer del tío querían agregar un aeropuerto, podrían añadirlo de esta forma.


It would be nice to have a bit of suburbs with house from cheap single story almost trailer homes then to medium wealthy homes (big single or small double story) to high wealthy (big double story to small three story) then to extreme wealthy big three story (mansions). It would also be nice to go to uncles holiday home (like he mentions) and actually see him in person


The map is already big but maybe a larger map? Add more areas in the city as well. NY is a big city so there can be a lot of different locations to explore. Just a suggestion!


Bit of a personal preference but after some hours within the game once you have your supply chains down and created I would really like to see more areas of Manhattan/ New York available for us to expand into. The initial four districts are great but after 20, 30 hours I felt like I wanted to see more parts of Manhattan /New York to expand into. You can sometimes have a warehouse prepped for 11+ locations but if you want to dedicate yourself to being a magnate in a certain business like the next Mc Donald’s you start to get weird situations of having a burger joint walking distance from each other and in every block. Ultimately its just my opinion but something I would love to see.

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This is just what I was thinking. It’s probably more of a DLC in my view, but a different map that can be cheaper (suburb) or a DLC where you have a holiday area with more entertainment activities options where you can own a business like a bar or fast food. Business should be slightly different i.e. less traffic in suburb or seasonal in holiday places

Happy to switch between maps (similar to how the casino works where you can enter in and out) but of course able to take a train/subway or car to the new map (maybe via an “enter” block like how buildings and warehouse work)