Make the game playable with mouse only

I haven’t played to game yet but apparently it is played with only the mouse besides when operating vehicles. I suffer from a physical disability which makes it impossible to use the keyboard so I am limited to completely mouseable games like Age of Empires, the Sims or Cities Skylines. Big Ambitions seems a nice game but if a small but if an important part of it requires the keyboard I can do nothing but exclude it from the list of games I’d like to play.

I have no idea about how games are made but if moving the character on foot is done by clicking where you want to go it should be hard but not too hard to implement this system on moving with vehicles.

So this is just a suggestion, I know 99,9% of people can play as it is, but people with similar problems as me would love to play.

Hello - you are right and accessibility is important! We are aware of this request, and the devs are looking into solutions for this, currently!

Nothing is announced yet, but hopefully there is some news soon.