Major dome and cooks

Why not add personal chefs to have at home? They could prepare food for us from whatever we had in the fridge and give us bonuses of happiness for great food. They would have an assigned schedule where they would be at your house/apartment to talk about food.

They would also have a butler where they could also be our cook, personal driver and clean the house (adding that now houses eventually get dirty and you have to clean it yourself or the butler). These would be 24/7 at home but would have to have a room with the requirements you ask for other than a bed. It would also cost more than the personal cook and chauffeur which will be added in later patches.

This would be great to roleplay more like millionaire businessmen, for example I read years ago that Vince McMahon had 7 personal cooks in his mansion.

PS: add mansions even outside of new york.