Mac/Performance/Geforce Now

Hey everyone, hope you guys are enjoying the game. I just wanted to throw a post out there for people who are unaware of the Geforce Now service.

I have worked on Apple products for a couple years now, and i can tell you that Macs are cabale of gaming but not designed for it. Apple computers accounted for roughly 20% of the computer market (way out of date from when i was in college for business), and the crossover between gamers and Mac is even less. This causes most devs to focus on their windows versions.

Now with that being said there is a service called GeForce Now. This service is offered by Nvidia, and it allows you to stream games to your computer. This game is available on it, but if you desire you could play a wide variety of games on a virtual computer that has up to a 4080GPU (biggest graphics card in the game). If you are worried about adding an extra subscription there is a limited free version available.

Hope this offers atleast one person a resolution. I am sorry for bringing up another service on this forum, but i think this might help some. Have a great day you absolute studs.


No, this is great! Jonas made sure the game was on GEForce for exactly this reason, so this information could be very helpful!!

I appreciate that so damn much. i hate it when good games arent available on the platform.

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Just adding to that: we’re working together with NVIDIA to ensure the game will continue running smoothly on GFN. All updates are being tested against the platform.

It is an amazing platform, totally agree!

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Yes! Amazing! I preordered the game the very early on but could not play it as I sold my PC due to no time and the macbook was not strong enough. GeForce Now is now my best friend

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