Mac No Audio Bug

If you’re using a Mac (seems to especially impact M1/M2), this is a known Mac issue and is probably driver related.

Here is a reddit thread with more information and possible solutions:

Hello, this is not a “Mac issue”, it’s about having multiple sound cards or virtual sound cards installed in the system.

The problem seams to be about how games manage the different audio sinks.

I’m sure you can reproduce the issue, installing a virtual sound card like this one. Which by the way is working perfectly with sound aware software programs.

Those kinds of tools are widely used by streamers with obs.

Uninstalling the virtual sound card as proposed on Reddit is not a viable option, I’m for instance using my computer to program, make music and sometimes gaming.

I will not cut corners on my work only to play games, therefore your game feels broken for me :cry:

Hello - are you experiencing this issue on a PC? Or do you have a Mac OSX, typically M1 or M2?