Logistics manager in HQ - Edit delivery to destination

As far as I have undestood it delivery to destination(s) have to be deleted and setup from scratch in current build (614) when in need to adjust amounts delivered to you companies from warehouse.

Would be super useful if these delivery list could be edited instead. I don’t remember the amount to be delivered if I have setup this a while ago, much easier to correct amount based on current list.

Current screen shows the destination 1, destination 2 and add destination. No option to edit, just select another delivery store.

If I get you right, the requested feature is already available:

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Thanks, exactly what I wanted in my large warehouse.
But somehow you guys must show that you get to edit by clicking the destination heading, had no clue that was possible.
Perhaps by an blue URL underline under Destination #1 and the other destinations would be the best solution ?

You’re right! We’ll make this more obvious in the next update :slight_smile:

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