Living in my car

After becoming wildly successful on Easy mode, with a net worth of close to 200million, I ran out of content and started over on Hard. I made some mistakes and it really is making the process quite painful.

The story line calls for getting 2 businesses and I spread myself too thin with decorations and ran out of product, and tanked my income. Used all of my debt trying to fast track things before the revenue came.

I ended up having to terminate my apartment agreement and liquidate my assets for product. I closed the gift shop and I was living in my car for a week.

Lessons learned / wish list:

  • Bank debt crushed me. I didn’t learn until several days in that you could pay just interest so I could concentrate on the loan with the most interest.
  • Unfortunately the job at the grocery store is no longer an option once you get past that part of the story line. At least I was never able to find the place again. That would’ve helped.
  • I wish the car repair place could do a partial repair :grinning: Going from 21% up to even 40% would give some breathing room, but alas can only do a full repair.
  • Would be nice if the bank would just tell you how much they’ll loan you instead of having to guess or do the math to subtract from their 40k maximum.

I’m back on the upswing again now, with my apartment back, reopened my gift shop, and am starting with the headquarters story line items now. I feel like I lost a lot of time, and I’m still maxed out on debt, but its just a grind at this point.

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The grocery store is on the same street your first apartment was on, on the next corner away from the water. That corner has an appliance shop as well. I don’t know if you can get your job back in there, I don’t recall how you got it in the first place.

However I don’t think you’d ever need to do that as it’s better for you to - if you’re that hard up on money - fire someone (or lower their hours) and work for them in your store instead. Just make sure you jump to the end of your shift so the game just calculates traffic instead of going by what’s happening on the screen.

I 100% agree about partial car repairs and bank loan limits. Maybe even a “loan me the most you can” button.

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