Live Stream / Online Radio

So I played farming simulator and I think a really great thing that they had was is an actual live stream radio in the game. I am not sure how they achieved this but I do know there is a folder where you can add your own Internet live stream. Honestly I really think adding this to the game would be great because you actually hear real ads and radio hosts talking just giving you that extra depth of detail that is really immersive.

And to the devs,
Look into it maybe it is a lot easier than creating a manual playlist and could save some time; and time is money! Furthermore amazing job on the game and congratulations on the great release! I’ve suggested it to all the lads and most will be joining the community when the co-op patch releases!

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i was thinking about something similar to what they did in euro truck simulator 2

I never played euro sim so I don’t know the compare/contrast.

there is accual real life radio with language selections like bbc radio or whatever

Not quite the same, but a step in that direction. EA 0.2 should bring “Radio: Local mp3 files support”

In the Euro truck Sim they have online radio stations to listen too maybe have something similar instead of adding the MP3 files to play