List of stuff to consider please <3


  • make game more challenging (very important since the game is all about making money and making tons is super boring , let us strive to make it)

  • Expand the city

  • maybe let us customize interior of houses (like adding walls in sims)

  • maybe add business meetings for company CEOs to make offers that effect the game

  • this is a good one: add weather/seasonal cycles let the game become alive

  • add content creator job like making money from youtube or ads or anything related to social media (but has to have lots of options to not be boring)

  • This is too far but idk: Add the possibility of pissing other companies (business wise) which can lead for them to hire a hitman to assassinate your or some sort.

  • heating systems are a must in winter for your employees to come and work

  • Cybersecurity is now a job you can learn and start a business for. Maybe if player is good at cybersecurity he can hack into companies and stuff

The game is with endless possibility but the only thing that I will be waiting for and is a shame if you guys didnt do is putting Multiplayer in the game, this will skyrocket your sales by miles

Expand your team— Expand the game— Add multiplayer

Sorry for the long message or forum but I am ambitious for what the game might and could accomplish if the developers played their cards right.

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