Let me hire someone to manage my supply orders

LITTLE BOXES (on the hillside, little boxes of made of ticky-tacky, and they all look just the sameeeee)
No more struggling with small boxes deliver in sets of 18 when setting up a law office… 50 desks + 50 chairs + 50 computers + 15 blahblah = 165 SMALL BOXES, which amounts to 9 pallets to manage.
This game is going to become a box management game

Hire people or develop a third function for employees who will be responsible for receiving occasional orders like IKA or supply stores that arrive in pallets on the sidewalk.
Each company requiring an office (similar to the contacts of the shops in the game) could have a designated person responsible for receiving all occasional orders (or even preparing them themselves) on the go and storing them inside as a single pallet or on shelves. Clicking on it would display a pop-up control panel for the inventory of supplies, allowing us to grab an item and drag it from the inventory panel to the space to be furnished, much like the grab and drop function in the Sims game. This new position would free up delivery space automatically, eliminating the need for handling SMALL BOXES, and potentially allow for reverse deliveries like the contacts in the supply stores in the game, or like restaurants do nowadays with Uber Eats. This way, my restaurant business could manage private deliveries with the help of this agent :slight_smile:

My REQUEST is simple :
Create a new position to manage the delivery of supplies (store furniture and office equipment) to avoid going crazy with SMALL BOXES :slight_smile:

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