Legal, Court and Random Events

Could also be seen as a business idea but I want to type it out in feature suggestions as could be expanded on…

You need to visit the legal firm to represent you against one of your employees using your business as a front for illicit activity.

Perhaps Jeff has been stealing stock?

You are being sued by a rival business for copyright infringement.

All those parking fines you’ve been getting… Maybe instead of being ripped out of your bank account, you need to actually pay. If you don’t, you’re given a court summons.

Could all be a bit RNG but perhaps owning a legal firm with high stat lawyers could be of benefit in situations like this.


Super interesting!

In real life I believe there is a correlation between the total value of your company and the number of lawsuits that are brought against you each year. Some percentage of those lawsuits are legitimate (the company actually did do something poorly/illegally) and some percentage are meritless ambulance chasing.

I don’t think there is a mechanic in the game for random events, though, and it might have to be built from scratch. If that’s the case then I’m not sure it’ll happen but personally I’m going to be holding on to some hope!

One mechanic that seems to be present that could be useful in development of an idea like this is the ‘Head Office’.

Perhaps HQ could have legal, which in turn could be supported by a Law Firm if the player owns one.

I didn’t think about your point about real life businesses facing more lawsuits as they grow but it makes total sense. Little things like this could really bring the player’s corporations to life.

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I was playing yesterday and had a thought related to this thread.

In my latest playthrough I have exclusively hired 18 - 30 year olds so that I don’t have to deal with people retiring until later. Maybe that could open me up to an ageism lawsuit.

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