I have an idea that I find very interesting, namely a kind of leaderboard, but not a classic one that only shows who has earned the most money or who has the most employees, but primarily leaderboards for the respective types of businesses. This would make it easier for new players to get into the game, as they would immediately know how much can be achieved with each type of company. Additionally, it would add a new level of depth to the game for experienced players, creating an incentive to optimize businesses as much as possible, such as by specifically seeking employees with low wages, analyzing opening hours meticulously, and so on, to squeeze every cent out of the company. Furthermore, since Big Ambitions unfortunately suffers from the long-term enjoyment problem, this leaderboard could introduce online challenges into the game, such as weekly challenges like: who can make 1 million the fastest with just one law firm, or who can make the most money in 100 days without taking out a loan, and so on. This would bring a new depth to the game and provide an incentive to start new rounds over and over again.