LCD Screen for restaurants missing in IKEA display

Am I blind or did the developers forget about putting the LCD screens for restaurants back on display in IKEA after the recent reorganisation of the store? I must have gone round the place at least 20 times but I couldn’t find any. The only way to get one was to order by delivery.

Another little moan, if I may, the cupboards with draws/ doors, corners units and end left and end right units do not all have the same colour palettes which at times makes it impossible to make them all the same colour (depending on the colour you’ve chosen.) The shades of black between some of the palettes differ greatly too. The old shade of black is the best one. The newer one is more of a dark grey. Would it be possible to give us a common palette of colours please?

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The corner cupboard was missed, you’re right, but tha’ts already been fixed internally and should be in the next update!

I think you’re right about the LCD screen, I’ll let them know!

Many thanks David.

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