Law Firm fee?

How much should I make the hourly lawyer fee if my office is in midtown and has 10 lawyers at 100% skill level? Or is there a way to test it for the best price?

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I want to know aswell

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The way to “find” the best price is to slowly raise it up and then wait a day or two to see if your pricing satisfaction has gone down on the Bizman > Insights page. If it hasn’t, you can raise it up more. Each district and product has its own price maximum.

However, if you don’t want to do this, I have made a list on the “cheat sheet”. If you go to the “goods” page, there is a price on the far right, that you should be able to charge, assuming your employees are at 100% skill. You should still check the pricing satisfaction to ensure you everything is still good, though!


I think what @DavidEstesCreations says is the spirit of the game. You should figure it out for yourself instead of making it a screen-watch simulator with instant-optimised prices. :grin: