Late Game Decision Making

Hi @Jonas ,

Thank you for making such a wonderful game in concept and execution! I am adding my suggestions because I already enjoy the game so much, I’d love to see it ‘round out’ all the way.

Everything early and mid game is on point. The decision making, grind level, content options, and player enjoyment…all good stuff and mostly balanced! (I read that you are addressing some of the balance changes on jewelery and clothes, which are needed)

Once I hit late game (where I have 20-25 businesses, $5m+ in the bank, and making nearly a million per day), there is a play gap. The Real Estate aspect of this game has the framework in place (buy, earn rent). I would love love love to see this fleshed out as a whole other decision/strategy tree much like early game with starting a business. Right now, it’s just essentially places to dump your money without any strong impact on the game outcome. The game can get “stall out” when the grind of opening & automating businesses becomes a breeze.

Since this is Big Ambitions after all, it would be awesome to have a whole late game “Multi-Millionaire” roadmap. Possible concepts:

  • Get real estate license from business school.
  • Have various Property Classes A, B, C that offer bigger risk/reward profiles.
  • Balance rents (both paid as player) to building sale prices.
  • Building renovations/improvements (I see this is in roadmap).
  • Dynamic market value (example: if theft recently occurs, property value tanks).
  • End Game Concept: Player achievements tied to owning the top/largest few buildings. Have a few overpriced buildings as the premier penthouse options. Player buying each penthouse unlocks a unique in-game item (car that can’t be purchased, outfit that can’t be purchased, etc). This can help motivate players like me to push to a tangible end goal.

Appreciate you creating this forum and the receptiveness to ideas and features! This is a wonderful game.

Also - not related to Late Game concepts - would be awesome if a “rival competition” mode could be implemented. Even if it’s scoreboard based (like Startup Company rival websites) or if it’s interactive where your rival business owners will attempt to sabotage your progress occasionally in game.



Hi @GalenHunt25

Thank you so much, glad you like it!

Without going into details on everything, I can indeed confirm that mid- and late-game is our main priority now. It will be improved a ton!

Thanks for all the suggestions, much appreciated :slight_smile: