Large Offices Discussion

Overall, the big issue is that the offices jump from 10 to 50 capacity without the payoff. As you can see in my screenshot, I have 50 workstations. I am open during those peak hours shown in the “yesterday” graph, plus a couple more on each side.

Customer service is at 100% for all values, marketing is 100%, and this is (as far as I know) the best traffic building in the game at 74%. And still, I’m only getting 16-21 customers per hour on a good day.

I know I “could just make 25 workstations instead”, but then it would tell me I’m not at the building limit, and shame would be brought upon my business for years. Not to mention then you are paying for a lot of space you’re not using.

Has anyone else been able to get close to the 50 hourly limit?
Maybe we could use the 50-capacity space for both lawyers and programmers?