Item delivery service improvement

I have come to think the existing delivery functionality in the game at a certain point becomes a bit pointless when I open a lot of stores and expecially when opening big ones where I need way past 100 items for a single store decorating it the way I want.
I would like to suggest greatly expanding the amount of items that can be delivered to a single adress past the current 18.
Essentially I think it should be near limitless, or something like 999, just to simulate limitless. If the player goes past 18 items, every 20 items or something like that could increase the delivery cost, exponentially, so if you want a lot of items delivered, say 100, it would also cost you something like 10k i delivery fees or something like that.
I would also like to suggest making it possible to order more than once from the same company (like hiring ect) so you can have items delivered to different locations all across the city at the same time.
This could also be another way to solve the suggestion above allowing multiple orders from the same plavce and then just removing the cap on 18 items. This would also make it less of a headache when ordering from multiple stores to the same location.

Additionally I would like to suggest the removal of the “miminum 2000” from delivery, but basically just make it so if the player orders for less, it will just cost 2000. Just to make it extra expensive (needing just 1 cleaning station is a real headache sometimes :slight_smile: )
It would also be great being able to get your items delivered not to the curb but directly inside the store (for even more money of course). Essentially a lot of real life companies that sell furniture ect have this service, but they will also usually charge double for it.

Lastly, the whole reason why it’s so tedious to me is because of how unreliable it is to use a truck yourself since parking ect is just a nightmare when there are a lot of cars blocking where the store is.

I would also like to stress that all of this could easily be locked behind something you have to unlock in the game. Like “reputation” with the company or something.

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