Item and Shelf Logic

It would be pretty cool if there was some kind of logic of items and their storage options. For example, that items have different ways of being stored:

  • Normal
  • Frozen
  • Frozen
  • Temperature maintained

Because at the moment it doesn’t make sense why I can put items in the rounded shelf that don’t go in the normal shelf. Also, it would be
cool that when preparing things (Pizza Oven, Salad bar, ect.), there is an alternative option, but where customers pay less. For example, the pizza oven
that I can use a microwave for starters, but the customers by default then only spend 2 dollars and with a pizza oven 4 dollars. Sure you
have to adjust the prices yourself, but it would be cool if that is possible. Also something should be added that shows per item how satisfied
the customers are with the price or the production.