It would be good if when we send an employee to training, we don't have to redo the schedule

It would be great if, when sending an employee for training in the game, we wouldn’t have to recreate the entire schedule.

My suggestion is to incorporate training into the existing schedule and establish a system where, if an employee doesn’t attend training after a certain amount of time, they incur a penalty percentage. In real life, ongoing training is crucial to stay current with new developments.

We could implement a training frequency requirement, such as mandating that employees attend training every 10 in-game days or triggering training sessions when an employee’s performance falls below a certain percentage threshold.

(My main language is not english so maybe I do some mistake, sorry for that)

HR can do training while the employee works.

The unassigning is only if you’re doing training manually.

I think the training being booked by the owner could be better served by choosing the number of continuous days training, so a 20% employee would need 8 days training to reach 100%, with a countdown alongside their name on your staff register. This allows better planning for an opening day, and to avoid a drop in employee satisfaction when they do nothing on the few days you forget to add them to training.