Is there a way to play the Game on M1 Mac‘s?

Hey Guys,

a few days ago I found this awesome Game and I‘m already hooked. Tomorrow I‘m leaving to university to study. The only Computer im taking with me is the M1 MacBook Pro.

Is there someone who knows if this Game is playable on M1 Macs via emulator or some different kind of software?

Thanks in advance and Greetings from Germany ! :slight_smile:

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Geforce now could be an option


Hey Guys,

Just an Update if someones ask the same Question as me. I tried playing the game with Crossover via Steam. Inside Buildings you can play with butter smooth 60 fps. As soon as you go outside, it’s a bit of a random fps situation. Sometimes you play with 60 fps, sometimes the fps drops down to like 8-10 on the “lowest” settings.

For me its unenjoyable with this performance so I have to wait until im back home :frowning:

Testet on 21’ MacBook Pro 14’ with 16gb Ram

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Sorry if it’s inappropriate, but this always reminds me of the brilliant sketch of Viva La Dirt League: When the customer games on a mac - YouTube