"__ is open, but is missing an Employee"

Could this message pop-up be limited to when you’re actually MISSING someone essential, as opposed to just “not filling every slot”?

A couple instances: I don’t want to drive all the way across town to get a desk each time I do one HQ expansion, so I buy several desks at once. And because I’m OCD, I must unpack the boxes and set them up or else I’ll die. Anyhoo, this makes me get a frequent alert about the “missing” employees.

Another less neurotic example: My businesses run 24 hours a day. I have two registers to handle the busy times, but don’t need both filled for the whole 24 hours. For the hours where I only have one register active, again I get the constant update about the “missing” employee.


Hi SuperDave!

I think this will be seen settled with the implementation of the new scheduling system and especially when the HR Manager figure appears.

Definitely can get annoying with the “lack of staff” message. Every time I see it my heart rate goes up (also because since there are no workers rights … I immediately fire the infamous person who took sick leave. Can you believe it? Sick days. How ungrateful!).

Although I admit my biggest curiosity, as much as your proposal may be fair due to the fact that with 100 employees sick day posts would go to obscure the entire screen, is the following:

What does it mean? ò.ò

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In order to prevent that “heart rate” going up, I start to ignore the alerts…then I miss important things like the (ungrateful :stuck_out_tongue: ) employees that are sick, and therefore, no one is one shift at all.

I agree that the H.R. manager will likely handle most of this, but even so, I think it could be adjusted overall.

OCD = obsessive compulsive disorder.

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Will be implemented in Beta 2!