Is it possible to max out a Jewelry Store customers per hour?

So I started a jewelry store in midtown at the 6 3rd avenue spot. There’s 1,000m2 of store as well as 75 customers per hour and 47 traffic. My question is it possible to get to 75 customers per hour for a jewelry store? I have 96% satisfaction, which is weird because everyone is maxed at 100 including the cleaning staff, and my customer service % is only 86. But my marketing is 100% and traffic index is 47%. So has anyone been able to max the hourly customers to 75?

Did you buy 5 of each showcase? Should cost you around $100,000. 5 cheap and 5 expensive displays.
That should give you the highest possible customers after you’ve used billboard and internet advertising (should cost you around ~8000 a day.

The customers are willing to pay around ~2200 easily for a single expensive jewelry!

Jewelry will likely not max out the customers per hour. Jewelry sells at such high price, that customer volume is low overall. Remember, the maximum is the most you could possibly get, but depending on other factors, you might not ever hit that high.

On the other hand, Fast-food can hit the max, often without even using advertising, even at a 75-capacity place.