Introduced in the game

I would like to know if new elements will be introduced in the game, such as, Decoration / signage boards for our stores and / or supermarkets, partitions for offices, more decoration objects, a greater variety of products for all stores, for example:
*Jewelry: Rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings and etc
*Supermarkets: Automotive products, cleaning products, hygiene products, sweets (chocolates, cookies), Milk, Water, Juices, Meat, as well as specific shelves and shelves such as those in supermarkets. Hanging signs for aisles indicating products and decorations specific to these locations.
*Clothes Store: They could have shelves with clothes such as t-shirts, pants / jeans, social clothes / casual clothes / swimwear, underwear and more decorations for the interiors of the stores and displays of different types / mannequins in the stores
*Floriculture: They could have products such as: Vases, fertilizers, bags of plant seeds (small, medium and large bags) more types of decorations and varieties of vases with plants.
New businesses such as: Car shop, Weapons or hunting and fishing shop, boat shop, Real estate, bicycle and motorcycle shops and mechanic workshops, butcher shop.
Is this planned for the game or are there too many technical constraints that prevent this wide variety of things within the game?

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This one will be coming in the future. Not sure when, but it’s been highly requested!

With every update, our Artist keeps adding more, so I think this type of thing will just keep expanding with each update!

I’m pretty sure this one will happen too. I’ve got a list of various products that people have suggested and, I’ll add yours to the lists!

For new Businesses, it’s best to list each of them (as you have with butcher and bicycle) and then we can see how many people respond and vote to each one. Especially now that they game is moving from the “base features” to more “upgrade features and new businesses”, we’ll be able to start adding community suggestions more, so we’ll usually be picking from items with the most upvotes first!