Interactive Jobs

Make some jobs interactive, like working at a restaurant, it could be setup like minigames instead of just assigning yourself to a job and time skipping to the end of the shift.


In fact, the current one is already available. If we add small games, it will become very cumbersome. I think how to fill the space, and these things also have significance, such as decoration can increase customer flow and so on. Also, it is more reasonable to detect the prices of other stores of the same type in the neighborhood and adjust the prices appropriately

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I think opening up manual work would be a great addition. Nothing crazy - but those who wish to do it could find themselves spending hours and hours just living their work-life fantasy.

I know I would at least try all of them one time (probably a good couple hours worth of gameplay for all players).

I wouldn’t focus too heavily on it, but this would certainly add a level of immersion that would only contribute a net positive.

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I think we must not lose sight of the meaning and the goal of the game.
It was not created to learn how to make burgers.
There are already games for that.
Big Ambitions is above all an economic simulation game.
As much as it is useful to improve certain things, such as the impact of the decoration of a shop, the ratio of the number of customers per the surface of the shop, the addition of new types of shops, the hygiene of the character ( currently he does not wash, does not go to the toilet and wears the same clothes…), etc., as much as the addition of third-party features that would take the player away from his main mission (to become a tycoon) would make the game messy and would deprive it of all meaning.

But don’t lose hope. I’m sure that the day the game will be open to mods, we will find everything, and anything…