Info/warning if the shelves in a business are full

Example: I deliver via logistics manager 2k cheap and 1k expensive jewelries and wonder why tf they dont get any paperbags delivered. I then check 4,5 menus and drive to the store only to notice that the shelves are full (did not put enough down).
So a short info in the overview of that business would be nice in case the storage there is full.


This is a trickier one - especially when you get 100 businesses, you could potentially be getting 100 alerts per night! But without the alert, you’re sitting there wondering what’s going on!

Would it solve the issue for you if you got one alert per logistics manager instead of one per business?

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Yeah, my suggestion sounds like a lot of work.
A message like “a shop could not be supplied because the shelves are full” would not help much, but “warehouse 13 could not supply a business because the shelves are full” would be helpful. And an info like “Destination 7” or even the name of the shop would be even more helpful. :slight_smile: