Incentivise play

There needs to be a feature that short term rewards a player for building new buissinesses. in 1 hour I could just skip time by sleeping which is boring but makes me millions or I could make a business which is tedious and feels more like a waste of time, especially if it only makes like 5000 dollars per day.

Making businesses is what the game is about…

More balancing will be coming with EA 0.2 to increase some of the lower earning businesses and reduce some of the highest earning businesses to help fix that.

What type of “reward” are you thinking? I’m curious because many players have commented that in reality, most startup businesses do terribly at first or fail. If they succeed, it’s because they built things up and figured out how to make it all work. So more feedback has been suggesting that the new businesses should struggle even more at first!.

I feel like a balance of failure, learning and reward would be what I’m looking for. Maybe even some interest from the other business owners as your empire grows? at 10 million for example, they might inquire about buying your business etc. or more business types unlock later on to provide more of a sense of progress. my concerns about making businesses being tedious should be fixed by the blueprints. it was more the buying and playing of 64 clothing racks etc. that I found tiring, but that should be fixed with 0.2.


Ooh that makes sense, and I like your example!

Ah, that makes sense - I thought you were saying you didn’t really want more businesses :smiley:

I think that meeting certain objectives in starting the new business should be the differentiator. Like a business that only has a couple of shelves and a cash register struggles at first because you did the absolute minimum possible to open its doors. Think of this as your mom and pop that took over a failing neighborhood deli, didn’t rebrand it other than a name change thinking that would solve everything. The converse would be a store you went all out on from day 1. You completely remodeled the place, redid the walls and floors, put in multiple shelves, decorations, hired staff with better customer service, etc… This would generate a natural buzz where people were interested in checking this place out.

I understand what you’re saying about most startups failing which would still be true if you just threw the business together. If you had the money and backing behind it day 1 its way more likely to succeed or thrive.

Another way you could get some sort of bonus would be by opening a 2nd location of a successful business. Maybe you click a button or something that indicates it to be a franchise. It then takes on the same name as the other location, but if that business is making a good profit you get a bonus until you oversaturate the market. Similar to if a Starbucks or Chick-fil-a opens in an area that didn’t have one, you get a huge boom out the gate and then the market stabilizes after a few weeks or months.

Indeed - all of those factors currently exist in the game, as you described them!

Yes! Franchises are on the roadmap for EA 0.4!

Yeah, I just meant for the original poster’s idea of “a bonus” for a new business. Like the more you have before the official launch opening, the higher the bonus you get. Possibly shutting a business down for a remodel/relaunch could have a bonus too if enough improvements were made.

I see. Well, those things do improve your sales, so I guess you do get a “bonus” for doing all of that when you start a new business! :smiley:

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