Import delivery option

I spend a lot of time importing goods to all my warehouses. I find there are a lot of clicks between my store list back to the purchasing agent, back to importer, back to the item ( Now I forgot how many I needed ) and repeats. Maybe this is a me problem, but I find it would be easier if it was just a part of the biz under deliveries. Just add imports as a part of that?

You can do wholesale delivery contracts which work exactly like that. Go talk to the person at the desk in the NY Distro wholesaler, and you can set up a contract with each store that you manage from the store’s Bizman > Delivery page.

But when you expand to HQ and warehouse, you have a lot more options and control, so individual store setups don’t really work. A big warehouse can deliver to 16 locations, which could all be served by 1 Logistics Manager and 2-4 Purchasing Agents, depending on what items each one sells. You can even have warehouses that deliver to each other and set up more complicated networks of distribution

Oh yeah, I get that. And use it often! I’m suggesting that once you transition over to a warehouse, that the deliveries screen ( which doesn’t really seem to have much of a use once the importing starts ) turns into what otherwise you’d have to click 3-5 times to see the information.

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I understand. I feel the problem is an importing agent can deliver different items to multiple warehouses, and warehouses can deliver to multiple stores and multiple warehouses can even deliver to one store. Due to that flexibility and complexity, I think it would be impossible to have that make sense in each store’s page individually.

Issues like if you are trying to ship 10,000 paperbags to 4 different stores, but you only have 8,000 bags in your warehouse, it will deliver in order of the locations you have selected, so based on how you set it up, you can control which stores are prioritized, etc.

You’re not wrong. I always overstock on paperbags because I don’t fully understand how to work the imports lmao. I’ll learn :smiley: thanks for your time, as always!