Impact of demands (+traffic)

The increased impact of demands in the next update is really important. I hope it is a massive increase and not a small one, because it’s impact thus far has been literally 0% in all my playthroughs.

In a perfect world, it would be strong enough to make a fully build out clothing store with horrible demands less profitable then a same-size fully build out fast-food with great demand.

It could be a good idea to link the lvl of impact to the difficulty settings or add a slider where we can choose.

I would love if traffic was effected by demand. A street with only low demand stores should have a (%) reduction i traffic, while streets with high demand stores should have a (%) increase in traffic.
This would make traffic and profitability way more dynamic
(at least if we choose a very high impact of demands in our playthrough)

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Just to clarify - what are you saying has “literally 0%” impact? Traffic and demand both have a very large impact on the success of your businesses.

They aren’t related to each other, though, as they measure different things. But both are factors that impact your number of customers.

Traffic is about how busy a street is.
Demand is about how much competition there is for that product, in this district.

Not always. In your example, if the clothing store has horrible demand, it would make very low money…for a clothing store. And a fast-food restaurant with great demand will do great…for a fast-food restaurant.

But clothing stores have better profits than fast food, so it’s possible the clothing store will do okay, relative to the fast-food restaurant. But demand and traffic still are impacting the profit.

Additionally, fast food naturally has a much higher flow of customers, so you will usually be limited by your building’s capacity before you ever hit the customer demand rate. So, you aren’t really even seeing the full impact of “great demand” for fast food in your example either.

In all my games I make store type X,Y and Z in that order because they make the most money.
Traffic does impact my game because it dictates where i open the store, so I always look at it.
I always ignore demand because store type X,Y and Z are so much more profitable then the rest even if they have 30% demand and the rest have 100% demand. So demand have 0% impact on how i play.

Yes and no.
In the game they monitor 2 different processes so in that way they are not connected, but in the real world a street would become a lot less busy if you removed all the popular stores and replaced them 1 type of store type nobody wants/needs and visa versa.

But I am not not that concerned with what makes sense in game vs in the real world. As of right now that game is not fun to replay because it lacks impactful randomization and dynamic changes while playing (I know it’s EA so it’s not a big deal because the game is still evolving). You basically need to do the exact same things every game if you want to make money. Significantly boosting the impact of demand would forces us to actually do a little market research and play a little different each game.

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I do agree with your overall idea of things being even more dynamic and reactive to the player’s choices. However, demand definitely impacts things.

Well, yes, if you qualify it with “how I play”, then it doesn’t have to be universally true, it only has to be true for “how you play”! And in that case…demand might not matter based on your specific playstyle.

But the entire map is random at the beginning, other than the set “special” stores. 500 buildings are randomized and changing every day.

If you limit yourself to certain stores in your specific playstyle, that might be true to an extent. But try making a law firm in a district with 0 competitors vs 3 competitors, and you’ll see how demand can matter greatly!

Again - I do agree that demand could/will be even more dynamic in the future, but it does matter.

I may have been a bit unclear :grimacing:
I like to play with the hardest settings, 8$ and take no loans.
Thus I pick the most profitable when choosing what stores to open next.
Right now I never feel like i have to open up and look at the Marketinsider to figure out what store would be the most profitable to open next because it is always clothing, gifts or jewellery.
(= 0% impact on how i play)
I usually try the other ones for fun later when I’m making enough money already

The law firm is a great example of demands having a real impact.
So hoping for something similar for retail :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the next update

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Ah, I do see that point now. You can basically always start with those three and be set up for success because they are profitable enough to not worry about their demand.

Demand impacts them, but not nearly enough on the retail side to alter your strategy.

Thank you for clarifying!

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