I'm running out of space in my Headquarters

I have crammed in as many desks into my HQ (it is a large office space) as possible and will be running out of desks for HR Managers, Purchasing Agents and Logistic Managers. Is it possible to setup a secondary Headquarters to hold all the HQ staff that I’m going to need to manage my Empire?

Yes, you can have multiple headquarters offices!

Indeed, you can! I actually realized in my first HQ after hiring just my second Purchasing Agent in the smallest building that I needed more room. I quickly sold the old HQ then upgraded to the bigger building. However, halfway into my third store, I realized that I needed a new HQ to house just the HR staff given all the employees necessary to run my business smoothly without me needing to micromanage every facet.

I’ll try to attach pictures so you can get a look at the layouts for reference, but you just need to select the staff you want in a particular building. Bear in mind that I prefer to go for a more realistic look, and I try to change up the layouts with the current furniture that we have so you can fit in more staff than I have. Processing: HQ.png…

Edit: I tried to upload the pictures but it kept getting stuck in processing upload. I can try to upload them to Imgur if you really need them though and hope that the forum will let me link those at the very least. Just let me know.

Get a 50/75 person office, make it an HQ, buy nothing but Stump Mesh Chairs, Standard Desks, and Computers, stack them all up in rows and make the rows as close together as possible. You can easily fit over 100. I’m working on my 4th HQ and will try to see what the max amount of desks I can fit in there (Minus my sleeping/eating/TV area).