IKA Delivery?


Also, It was only 1 delivery total just 2 desks and chairs and pc

It looks like you’re standing where the pallet is intended to be dropped. If anything is blocking the path (including you, your vehicles, AI pedestrians, etc.) you will get that error and the delivery will fail.

My character was at a different location and when i went, nothing was there. I am now noticing its happening when i order alot from IKEA so i had to edit it down to a desk and chair at a time.

The quantity of furniture you order shouldn’t impact this issue at all since it arrives on the same pallet size no matter what. But the reason it fails is that something is blocking the spot the pallet trying to appear - unfortunately, this includes if an AI pedestrian is walking by at that moment. I agree that is very annoying and should be addressed. I have reported it a few times as well, in-game!

Hold on… They do delivery? So, I basically was doing trips when I can just order the furniture?

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Yes! Most of the special AI stores have someone sitting at a desk that you can talk to and arrange deliveries. After you’ve talked to them once, they appear in your phone and you can call them in the future.

There are a couple limitations, you have to wait until the next morning to get your delivery, you can only get 18 items at a time, and you can only have one delivery scheduled from that store at a time. But…it’s still an amazing feature!

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That’s awesome! I actually wanted to suggest it as a feature later on. Apparently, it already exists without me knowing about it. Hope someone will make a tips & tricks tutorial for hidden things like this.

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