Ideas id like to share


  • Oval shaped table like for meeting rooms

  • forklift outside to take in deliveries or something in between a forklift and a handtruck

  • cubicle desks/setup for office use

  • crypto coins (idea Ambit coin, as in ambitions but also looks like bitcoin)

  • police cars driving around

    Please! Just like you guys have in Ika. a basket holds only 10 items make a cart hold like 25 or 30


-uber company

-buying shares from other companies (kind of same system like you see in anno 1800 with buying shares from islands)

-politics or atleast be able to run for mayor or something like that

-car machanic/garage like company
-pharmacy company
-multiple rooms in a office

-black market maybe a bit of criminal paths
(like making shady deals to import suspicious packages and if caught there is jail/prison time when you speed through that you can lose businesses or if you have things well running some things might still be up.

  • fire department
  • safety inspections for restaurant, something similar for office’s like audits.
  • being able to sell an entire company
  • Having your own car dealership which seems likely to happen anyway

These are just some ideas tbat i could quickly come up with.


Cool ideas,

I really like the idea of cubicle walls or even a cubicle unit!

Ambitcoin - Slick, I like it.

Shopping Carts: Brilliant! Are you thinking it would just be a reskin of the larger Ika flatbed? Or a new vehicle that only carries items that go in paper bags?

Politics!: Super ambitious and I really like the idea. I’m worried that it would require new in-game mechanics though and might be just too much work to implement. I hope not!

Multiple rooms in an office: It would be cool to have small offices along the walls of the main room space. I know they’ve said they’re going to add more warehouse layouts, more office layouts would be cool, too.

Sell an entire company: You can buy out competitors, so the idea of being approached and offered a deal for your business could be cool, too.

As for the meeting table: Are you asking for one that looks more oval than the Large Meeting Table? Because that’s already pretty much an oval.