Ideas for the bass game and expansion packs

I will truly like this game and it has so much potential. I think More needs to be added to the base game.
-Ice cream parlor ( milkshakes, soft/hard ice cream )
-bakery (breads/bagels, cookies, cakes,pies)
-shoe store add better and more sneakers options to the game.

  • car wash/ auto dealership/ auto mechanics gameplay is
    -convenient stores/ gas station (chips, candy, etc)
    -A restaurant with a waitress and a cook
    I do see that you’re adding more content in the upcoming months. I’m looking forward towards the nightclubs / electronic store and the hairdressers. Here are some ideas for some future expansion packs that I would like to see.
    1)-hotels/casino/spa/buffet restaurants/ arenas( where concerts and sports events could take place) basically this pack would be something like a Las Vegas theme pack. Create a new land like Las Vegas.
    • a restaurant extreme pack fast food restaurants could include a drive-thru / delivery drivers ( chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, bottled waters and fountain drinks)
      breakfast restaurants- pancakes, French toast, waffles/ sausage, bacon ,eggs and parfaits orange juice .
      Also, adding different types of restaurants, including sushi, Chinese food, Italian food, soul food, vegan restaurants, Mexican Food and deli sub shop. You can also have a food critic/food inspector. Food trucks
      3)- a medical expansion pack
      Pharmacy( I think if you add the red pill and blue pill from the matrix, it would be hilarious😂) businesses,-plastic surgeon ,family doctor, dental and eye doctor. Add braces and eyeglasses for the characters. Having waiting areas and reception/ secretary areas is a must. maybe even introduce a job like running a hospital as a medical Director.
  1. pet expansions pack- add pets to the game you can have a veterinarians/ pet supply/ pet groomer/ pet sitter business.
  2. vacation expansion pack make a similar to Orlando where you can own amusement parks.

These ideas are really incredible, this game has unlimited potential, I hope the studio / developer has enough capacity so that the game doesn’t die and doesn’t just stay in the initial ideas.
Things like bathing and cleaning the house should also be present as part of the character’s well-being.
I think it would be interesting to have a control system for the units sold of each product in each store on a daily basis, it would help to know how much to order for each product at the importers.

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Definitely not going to stop in the initial ideas at all! There will be tons of development!

Bathrooms are being added in EA 0.3!

The bathroom is very nice to come, great job, but it is very little for a game with so much potential, some things like basic information should already be present in the game, such as inventory management for each store and the quantity in units sold of each product per day and week, of course this can be found with some accounts but it would help a lot when ordering products from importers. more specific information from workers at the time of hiring would also be welcome.
More products in each store would also be nice, just two types of jewelry and gifts in the stores is a bit too minimalist don’t you think? Just like food for sale in grocery stores, just fresh and frozen food and soda is basic nonsense.
I know it’s an EA game but this is pretty basic.
Improving the lighting on the store signs would also be good, the signs with lighter colors are practically impossible to see because of their brightness.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this game and the potential it has is amazing, wonderful, love, love, love.
Congratulations to the game creators and development team for the beautiful work so far, we are absolutely loving it.

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You asked about a thing and I told you it’s coming, but there is a ton more coming, silly.


The game just came into Early Access, and the EA 0.2 update should be coming in a week or two, and the changelog for EA 0.2 is several pages long, and that’s just the first big update!

Recruitment will be getting an update in EA 0.3 as well (but remember, this and bathrooms are not the only features being added, they are just features I have responded to. There will be a LOT more than these)

Correct - currently, inventory management for each store does exist, including quantity of units sold of each product for the week, plus a breakdown of sales of each item per day for the last 4 days. Plus, the warehouse tells you the current quantity per item, how much you used in the last week compared to how much you imported, so you know if you ordered too much or too little in the last week.

Of course, more elements will be added, but those elements are already present in the game!

Have a good day!

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