Idea for DLC - late 1800s

I not sure when horse and buggies first started being used. but probably around my great grandparents time. Just thought a look like that and maybe some research into buildings from that time would get that preautomobile era feel to it. I not sure if we want to go back as far as shows like “wild wild west”. I think around 1890 horse and buggies were still used on dirt roads. Independance day was established in 1776 might be able progress from that era. But thats for US customers. not sure eras to go by for europe and other countries. this may be thoughts for further DLCs. Maybe even try future additions. although I did play games from 1990s that predicted more space colonizing in 2020. time will tell if games of future become fact or stay fictional.

I like that idea, maybe a DLC collection/bundle called Historic Ambitions, featuring various areas, and what businesses were around at that time (Like an ireland style one, featuring farming, and such, with different map options, depending on what DLC you bought/downloaded and such. Maybe different weather effects for each map too, like wet weather which would draw more customers to hot food (in the historic dlc’s it might be pubs/bars), or droughts which would increase cold drinks sales (Like a lemonade stand or candy store).


The 3D artists would love to work on this for sure :smiley:

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