HR Manager employees limit

What are the criteria influencing HR Managers’ employees limit?

I got 2 of them, one is able to handle 10 employees, the other merely 5.
Both got all their requirements satisfied, including the extra.

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The higher the skill level of a manager, the more employees he/she can manage.
With a skill level of 100%, a single manager can manage 25 employees.
If there are two or more managers, they can assign each other to manage and automatically train slowly, but it is more reasonable to de-assign them from the workplace and send them to training 10% per day.


Good to know thanks!

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Thanks for the information @raki_can!
Where does it come from? Would it be possible for it to be contained in the game, for exemple in the help pages?

The in-game help already includes the following explanation

The skill level (%) defines how many employees they can handle and how much automatic employee training costs.

I guess I need to read up! :innocent:

This guide could also help for areas that the game doesn’t explain well yet!

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