HQ workers should maintain settings when moving location

Just consolidated three smaller HQs into one big one.
Apart from the setting up work stations and moving the old ones which is mentioned in another improvement thread, I had a big issue with relocating staff and it resetting their assigned tasks.

For example :
HR Managers lost all assigned employees on changing the assigned HQ and had to add back in manually.

Purchasing Managers lost their assigned contracts, needing me to set them back up from scratch, not easy to remember who was buying which items in which quantities and having delivered to which warehouses when you are in mid to late game.

Logistics Managers became unassigned from their warehouse, requiring manually adding back to the warehouse AND manually adding back all their assigned business drops. This part was an absolute nightmare to remember what quantities had been set for each item at each drop.

Assuming it was intentional that all settings get reset when an employee moves location, can you change this to allow an option to keep their settings?
I did a bulk move, where I selected employees assigned to the old office location, set the check box and then with the selected employees, assigned the new work location, so not sure if this made a difference compared to moving an employee one by one.

Please can you look into this for a future update or if my method of moving people was wrong, explain how it should have been done to keep their assigned tasks/settings? Too late for me but sure it will help many others who want to consolidate smaller HQs into larger ones, which typically will be when you have a mid to late game empire.


Yes, this will be getting addressed in a future update for sure!

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