How to fix "The application Big Ambitions can't be opened" on Mac

In some cases, Mac’s safeguard system will block the Mac version of Big Ambitions from opening.

To fix this, you need to whitelist the game files.

First, find the path of your file. In my case, it is /Users/jonas/Downloads/Big

Next, open a terminal and write the following command, and press enter:
xattr -d "/Users/jonas/Downloads/Big" You’ll have to replace my path with your own. Remember the " characters on each side of the path.

Lastly, write the following command and press enter:
chmod +x "/Users/jonas/Downloads/Big Ambitions"
Again, make sure to replace my path with your own. You’ll once again need the " characters on each side.

The game should now be able to start.

You’ll have to do these steps with every update. We know this is an inconvenience and we apologize. Once the game moves back to Steam in a few months’ time, this won’t be necessary anymore :slight_smile:

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