How should we handle roadmaps and bug reporting?

Hi everyone!

As we’re now slowly moving into an actual development & playtest flow, we need a structured way of handling both bug reporting and feature roadmaps.

While there’s a ton of services and tools to choose from, I wanted to reach out to you first. Please let me know, do you have any preferences for such systems?

Looking forward to hear your feedback!



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Hey! As you know, the easier you make it for people to report bugs, the more bug reports you will receive. I believe a button to report bugs in the game’s menu would be the easiest? So people wouldn’t even have to leave the game and it could potentially have the feature to send the savegame together with the report.

For the roadmaps I have no idea really

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In other indie games I’ve always appreciated the Devs using a kanban board to track features. Be that in Trello or another third party service.

For your previous game we posted in github which tracks whats been reported and its lifecycle. For me I would stick with what works :slight_smile:

I personnally like GitHub issues because it is easy to organise (with labels), easy to use for users, allows discussions and threads. It also has a powerful search field, and you, as the developper, can organise them into milestones and in a KanBan Board (Github Projects) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit: for roadmap you could use a markdown file on the repo, or GitHub Milestones (or the kanban board).

I’m used to Jira at work but that’s a pretty complex system and probably much more than you need.
Github seems to be a good way, it’s a lightweight tool and I’ve seen the issue tracker there before. It’s pretty easy to use for new users. I haven’t seen Github’s roadmap feature yet though.
In the end it should be a system that enables user to easily submit bugs without any deeper knowledge of the system and at the same time it has to be easy to handle for you (and not too expensive I guess).

And just one edit: I support Linus’ idea of an ingame bug report possibility, although it would probably have to be removed again before full release. In Airport CEO they have it and it turned out very useful; you automatically report much more when you don’t always have to leave the game. In their casa, after typing in the description and submitting the report it would automatically attach a newly created savegame as well as a screenshot (you could also create the screenshot manually in case you need the right timing for something) so the developers could easily verify the problem.

Alrighty, sounds like Github Issues will be a suitable solution for now. I’ll get it up and running soon.

Thanks guys!

Hi everyone!

The Github issues tracker is up:

Right now we’re only using it for bugs, but coming on I’ll use the “Projects” feature for roadmaps/upcoming features.

All issues are moderated by @Gerwanese, so we avoid having a lot of duplicated or invalid bug reports :slight_smile:


bugs addressed first depending how much they impact gameplay. features when most bugs are squashed.