How often does real estate update

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for a retail space with 40 customer capacity and they never show up. It’s always the same retail spaces and I’m on year 2. Do they not change ever?

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Every night at midnight there is a chance real estate changes hands. But often it’s only free for a day before getting scooped up. In the next patch, we’ll be ensuring a few more buildings are available at a time, though.

It needs variety, not just more of the same. I’ve played for 75 game days and never seen a 40 customer shop open up. Infact, nothing has changed at all as far as available retail space. The exact same ones every time. Tons of the 15 people ones I don’t ever use. Tons of 30 with small storage.

So I have to wait 2 months for this update? I guess I will be back in 2 months. The way it is now is just annoying. I also have one shop, no HQ, and my employees are demanding insurance with no HR reps. Seems like I should be waiting anyway while things get worked out.