How do i make logistic managers sit?

Hello sorry i might be an idiot not knowing but it keeps saying i have to have a seated logistics manager… how do you setup your headquarters to make people “seated” any help would be awesome.


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Place a desk like any other furniture item, and then go to the “schedule” section of the bizman. Each desk has its own schedule just like a cash register.

Edit to add: even though I figured it out, the wording was definitely not clear at first.

I have a desk in there, i go to schedule and just nothing shows up the bottom it just blank…

I am uploading two screenshots. If you have these desks (Desktop Workstation) and the HQ Employees (Logistics Manager and Purchasing Agent), the schedule option should look something like this second screenshot.

If you’re not getting this, it might be a bug?

omg i just realized i have to go to the office supply shop and get those supplies… lol i was clicking on it but thought it wasnt in the game until i saw it was across the friggin city … haha thanks so much for the help man!

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Ooh, there’s the issue lol.

Glad you were able to find it, and no problem!

Ahh, did you grab a desk and chair from the big furniture store? That would make sense, we should make that more clear.


haha yes i did, please do make it more clear! FYI been having a great time on the game excited for the next release!


thanks for the discussion, by the way!

You’ve certainly helped me understand how to do it, when I get managers too :stuck_out_tongue: