How can small music artists submit their music to the game?

I’ve really enjoyed the music in the game so far but it feels like the list is short. Would the game give small artists the chance to get their music on here?


Hello, it’s true - the music list is a little short at the moment, but it’s about to be greatly expanded. This update just switched over to our new music provider, but it’s not the full playlist yet!

Our music is now licensed from Epidemic Sound


That’s fantastic news! Eager to get a listen. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

PS this game is amazing! So glad Steam put it on my radar.


Is it possible to keep the old music and add new music to increase the selection?

With this update, we switched music providers, so the track selection had to change. I believe the intention now is to grow with this provider and continue to get new songs in addition to the songs currently in there.

Do you have a list of the old songs? Title/Artist?

I really liked some of them and now that they’re gone from the game, I would like to buy them if possible.

I don’t know how complete or accurate these are (they aren’t “official”), but I’ve found two fan created playlists. Hopefully this helps track them down!

Big Ambitions Soundtrack on TIDAL

Big Ambitions • Music - playlist by Fred Serrano | Spotify

Adding own Mp3 files still a go for the next EA beta release? I already have some in mind that I plan on adding lol.

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Same I’ll be adding a few

Currently still planned for EA 0.2, yes!

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Actually, would it be possible for us to input a URL instead for a live radio station? Would be pretty cool too, games like Euro Truck Simulator 2 has that feature.