How can i help with Spanish (Latin America) translations?

How can i help with Spanish (Latin America) translations?
I just went to Localizor - Community Translations for Games but didn’t find Spanish (Latin America) language there.

Hello - you are correct, Spanish is up there, but not specifically Spanish (Latin America).

Periodically the creator will add new languages if we have a big enough player-base for that language, but until a language is added, it cannot be contributed to!

Understood, thank you
Excuse me my ignorance but, Adding a language is not that simple as mark a checkbox or something like that?

Adding it to a list? Sure, that’s a button press.

But actually getting all 3,000 lines of dialog translated? And then when 500 lines get added or changed with the next update, and the update after that, etc? That’s the issue! And when those don’t get updated, then players complain that we offer a language that isn’t translated fully.

Oh!!!. So that’s the reason. I see, thank you David for taking your time to reply.

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