i think the hotel business is great, starting from players choosing buildings to buy or rent , turning into hotels, making certain facilities, and there will be ratings or feedback from visitors staying at the hotel.


Good idea!


Maybe something where instead of paying a deposit/rent on an entire apartment you can simply buy a 1 night ticket to a hotel/inn. I have 1.1k, want to pass some time with no benches around and the deposit on apartments are 2k. Not much I can do really because my car is far away because I took a taxi.


this sounds interesting to me also.
Maybe we can look at hotel (hospitality) as a business type too?
it is similar to other shops (like gift or clothing). you do not need to design a multi floor complex, just make a ground floor surface and then make all the internal layout like other shops.

it would be awesome


I would love to see Hotels in the game whenever too.

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@user6 hotels will be very cool!!

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Or maybe the game developers can create a side DLC expansion whereby we build a hotel and we build and furnish the hotel rooms and hotel facilities and then we manage the hotel and make money from the hotel.

Get a big truck, load it up with beds, TVs and fridges, drive to all your businesses and drop one of each item in it if it can fit it. You’ll hate the setup time of it but you’ll love not having to take a taxi or drive to an apartment each time you need to pass some time (Car is still an option but who wants the chance of that damn depression mood?)

I would love something like this along the lines of the DLC from Sims 3 where you could buy a property, build it to your and the guests liking, and make a killing off of it. Build up that resort empire!


Hotel businesses could be pretty cool.

Maybe even an option for an AirBnB style office business where you could rent your spare apartments out.

How to take a taxi please ?

You click on the taxi. Then you select the destination you want to go to.

I think the HOTEL suggestion might be an example of something that becomes a separate game within the game, and the time needed to develop that may be prohibitive when compared to adding new ideas to the existing structure.

I love the idea of the game going forward like that but I think it’s too big a step to be considering at the moment.