Hot links to an improved Help Section

As the game grows (and even now) it would be great and even be necessary for the game to do a bit better job to explain its mechanics and some of the basic concepts behind operating businesses in BA. It would be great to have embedded hot links throughout the UI and pop-ups that send you to the Help Section to learn definitions, concepts, etc about various topics in the game. It would really help set players up for success. Some current examples where information is critical, but lacking, would be Negative Interest, Foot Traffic, and Building Capacity (and how it’s affected by the equipment, furniture and fixtures you place in your businesses). It would be outstanding if text items and UI elements were highlighted where you could just click them and it would open an improved Help Section on that particular topic.

*I see “Help System: Adding Pages for Missing Products” is listed on the Road Map, but am not sure if that will include expanded sections on a range of topics like those I exampled above.