Holding Corporation vs HQ

In a game you started with a first business and then your have around 5 and good earning, now you have to pay taxes and that hurt a little but is more realistic, so is ok for BA.

At some point, we need to shield earning to keep investing, scaling and growthing businesses. HQ should be able to operate a business or to be more specific as a Holding company, not only for logistics. If we add a accountant/finance team, that will help with taxes, collecting rent (after shield money on real states) , operate Stocks as a hedge funds. Is ok paying taxes when earning is directly to individuals but there are option for a company for shield and keeping investing. To separate holding money from personal liquid money.

This maybe will not block IRS, only help to improve finances as in real life. For the game just to make it special or harder to access to this benefist you cant put requisites to complete before access or hold certain wealthy.

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