Hire Bodyguards

When you’re rich it’s impossible to be alone, it’s not safe on the street or at home.

This means that there will be different events depending on how rich you are.

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there will be “theft and security” in early access 0.3
but i would agree that some customers could get a little too angry with my clothing prices so that should be reasonable to add it :slight_smile: can’t be too safe on NY streets these days

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I mean directly affects your personal safety.
Because there is a hospital in the game.

maybe with that there could be a “how much you’re know in the NYC” meter that could effect this alo

True, and that is interesting. The hospital is currently there to revive you if you’re exhausted, but being injured from an angry mob of customers or rival corporations would give the hospital even more purpose :smiley:


could it be too much but maybe some customers could be a psychofans :crazy_face:
prob. too much but i’ll leave it here hah