Hire a moving company / Relocation

Haven’t testet it yet, but it seems like a quite demanding job to move furniture/employees from one office to another, Just rented a much larger office and would like to terminate the contract on the old HQ.

Guess same applies to moving to a bigger apartment.


This my man sounds like an amazing idea I currently avoid decorating in any of my saves for that exact reason, I don’t want to waste literally hours moving furniture and appliances from one office or apartment to another (late game) when I’m potentially rich!!! I 100% agree with you and I think a moving service should be added.


I just did this for a small office space with 5 lawyers. I was only moving around the corner because the new location had a higher traffic index (more customers). it took an entire game day just to move 5 desks and and a plant with a hand truck.


1000% agree. I bought the smallest building for my HQ thinking I would upgrade later, but basically realized after hiring one Purchasing Agent that it was way too small. Unfortunately, I already had a big delivery from Ika so cue me having to box up all the furniture I had already placed and then having to box each item then placing those into a handcart one box at a time. Luckily for me, the new office was just right around the corner but it took me two days to move to the new office. Ideally, I’d like a “pack tool” that works similarly to the interior designer so I can select the objects I want to pack immediately without all the extra bother. And even better, there should be an option to sell with or without furniture, and the without furniture option magically boxing up all items at the new location. It would help if you decide to upsize or downsize a business for any reason.

PS. There was a similar thread a day before titled office relocation or something similar just a day before. I don’t know if threads can be merged but it seems this idea has a bit of support.


Hello !

I suggest you a game mecanic of company relocation. When I played, i had a fast food company in a small office. I bought a new office, bigger, and want to move the company to the new office, but actually to do that we must create a new company, rename the old company, move the employes to the new company, move by hand the stuffs and merchandises, do the planning again, shipping order again, lot of things who could be easier done with a relocation system.

The idea is to have a “relocation” button on the settings tab of a company, just over the button to close a business, who permit the player to choose on the map where the company will move. Like as the shipping, the player must pay $1000 for each 20 box of stuff, the "relocation " system will calculate the amount of $$$ the player must pay to move the company, and the new place must have enough shelfs to receive the stuff. Planning and shipping orders will not be affected, and when “relocation” is finished, the player must install the furniture.


would be usefull


yes please - i want to be able to move my whole company to another building with all the inventory and not having to delete the old company.

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Has my vote. My recent lawyers office move showed me that moving is not feasible after I ended up just hiring 100+ new lawyers and starting a new office instead of trying to move 50 desks, 50 computers, 50 chairs, + everything else. I’d much rather pay a highly taxed fee rather than manually pack it all up and move it with a big truck doing several trips. Even if it turned out just being able to have all of the items shipped to a warehouse and then sent back to a different office from the warehouse, I’d be fine.


I totally agree.

This is one of the big challenges in the game right now if you ask me.

It is generally about the challenge of moving many things - or buying many things.

  • Hand truck has a limit of 4 items
  • Cars have a limit of 20 items
  • The truck has a limit of 60 items

When I order an item, I can only order up to 18 items at a time.

And even if I can have 20 things in the car, or 60 in the truck, I still have to go in and out of IKE 7 times to fill up the truck. Which takes almost a game day.

So when I have to set up a new office, new business or something else - I spend up to a week in the game getting 100 things delivered / purchased and picked up.
I am in the process of moving my HQ and making 50 seats. it requires 50 tables, 50 chairs, 50 computers, plus various other things. so about 175 things I need.

As a minimum, it should be possible to order 60 items at a time. and then to be able to buy a pallet lifter so that you could drive whole pallets into the building at once.


Yes absolutely agree…moving is a mess…if a HQ, Store or Appartment…this would be nice to have a moving company to call to do that from A to B…


When Upgrading to a bigger building it would be great to have something that can pack up the smaller building and move it to the bigger building.

For Example. I had a one vehicle warehouse and rented a two vehicle warehouse but no longer require the smaller warehouse. It would be great to transfer the pallet shelves and stock to the bigger warehouse, Then I can terminate the contract at the smaller warehouse.


yes! 100%

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I agree with this, but also think that this kind of work is part of the game. Just sitting in your apartment and spamming tv/videogames while the millions roll in after 15hours ingame has not much to do with playing.
So I’d say there needs to be some kind of compromise like “hey computer, move this law office from 45 5th to 33 3th” and then all stuff in your old office will vanish, and after 24h everyting will appear at the new office, but in boxes inside. So we got a realistic moving company, but also some work to do ourself.


Congratulations on upgrading to a larger office space! Moving can indeed be a demanding task, especially when it involves relocating furniture and employees. To make the process smoother and less stressful, hiring a professional moving company can be a great idea.

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