Higher customer happiness because of cheap prices

Hey everyone. Me again.

What is a very good argument to attract customers to the stores? The price. In the game itself, the market price (and a little bit more) is enough to make customers 100% satisfied with the price. But I find that too short-sighted. There should be a small boost when selling goods below market price. For example, if you sell groceries for $7 instead of $8, happiness should increase by 10%, to 110%. Then it wouldn’t be as bad if it was a bit dirty in the store. There are cheap prices for this.

You could make a formula out of it. If you sell all products in the store for an average of 3% less, satisfaction with the price increases by 3% and so on up to 10%.

So if you have 2 times 100% in the statistics, once 110% for the price and once 90% for cleanliness, the overall satisfaction would still be 100%.

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This will actually be a much, much larger feature than you’re even suggesting here! :smiley:

The current “under-bidding” limitations are only temporary :slight_smile:

So I understand you right that the market prices won’t be fix in the future and that other stores change their prices by time and that you can attract more costumers if your prices are lower than those of the competitors so that you are in price fights? ^^

The details haven’t been announced yet, but it will start to give you a lot more options and dynamic reactions to your choices. That is an aspect that is currently lacking in the game and will be expanded on quite a bit moving forward!

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