Hi again!

I used to play this game a lot like 1 year ago in the beta and I stopped. I’m starting to play the game again since all the updates are so cool! I was wondering, does anyone has like before the Google Doc / Excel thing with all the data like prices per neighboor, opening time and stuff? Thanks a lot it would help :slight_smile:

Welcome back! Glad you’re enjoying the updates.

This is probably what you’re looking for:

thanks man, indeed I needed it so much. btw do you know what are the best oppening time for grpahic ?

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maybe i am missing something but is there a way IN GAME to find out ?

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Easiest way to get a ballpark figure is to look at the AI stores. Their hours and prices should be pretty close to optimal (although, not always perfect).

To fine-tune those numbers, you can always check your “Customers” graph in the BizMan > Insights page for your business. From there, you can see an hourly breakdown of yesterday’s customers to see if you’re closing when it’s busy or opened when it’s empty!

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