Here's my "not complaints" lol

I wanted to post this because… obviously, you need to know the issues, but a few positives could be nice to read too!

I know this was a few updates ago, but the ability to call places you’ve already been so you don’t have to waste time driving is great. In general, I love the fact that you have to do things manually the first time but can build toward automation for subsequent iterations of the task.

The map filters keep getting better to locate the different shops, empty buildings, etc. and the building tags - especially your own buildings, cars, etc. are really useful for quick identification of buildings.

The new driving system feels very significantly better. Acceleration might be a little slow, but handling has improved tremendously!

HQ / Warehouse automation has gotten really good and it’s simple to see what items are running low and need a resupply. I’m very much looking forward to H.R. and how that automates mass hiring and (I assume) training as well.

Y’all rock!